The first international sustainability certification for the eyewear industry

Certified sustainability for the eyewear sector

Sustainability in the eyewear sector is an increasingly important issue for consumers, as well as for companies operating in the supply chain. Hence the idea of ANFAO to create an internationally recognised environmental certification programme for the sector.


From a Google survey* on sustainability for Italian consumers

*All green: what consumers think about sustainability in Italy (Raffaella Stratta, September 2022)

considers sustainability more important than design and style
would like more information and transparency in brand communication related to sustainability
believes that brands should strive to use recyclable packaging


Contribute to a reduction in the environmental impacts of eyewear by identifying products that meet specific sustainability criteria. 

Evaluation Criteria

CSE certification takes into account all stages of the product life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal. For a sustainability certification that embraces the entire eyewear supply chain.

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Resource extraction









Why join the CSE programme

Anticipating European and international policies on product environmental sustainability

Improving the monitoring of products, production processes and suppliers

Enhance your product through a programme recognised by the entire industry internationally

Becoming an active participant in the transition to sustainability in the eyewear sector


CSE Award

CSE is also a sustainability award to which companies exhibiting at MIDO, the Milan eyewear fair and reference point for the entire sector, can participate


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